Alexander Slatter

Alexander grew up in Wensleydale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. He trained at Salisbury College of Art and Exeter College of Art, where he gained an honours degree. He then continued his artistic career working as a commercial Illustrator for ten years, travelling widely. His wave paintings really started as a direct result of being an Island Dweller, being out on the beaches and on the water in yachts and kayaks. Alexander loves the sea in all its moods, from the flat calm of a creek or summer evening to experiencing the fury of a force eight crossing of Gibraltar after a sailing trip to Morocco. It’s only by being on and among the deep water that he feels an understanding for his subject, as the oil paintings are two dimensional illusions. “My aim is to paint in a highly representational way, and in order to do this one first needs to understand the dynamics of waves in all their form; this means for example understanding the reason why the depth of different parts of a wave changes the quality of the light and hence the colour”. The light is of course the key to variety, and he split his wave paintings into ‘English colourways’ and ‘Mediterranean colourways’. One of the main fascinations of painting wavescapes are the amazing pattern structures that nature creates; pattern is everywhere just waiting to happen. At first the sea and waterfront may seem a chaotic place, however with careful observation one starts to see clear sets of structures which seem to follow simple rules. These simple rules in turn create extremely complex patterns. This is nature’s ability to turn simplicity into inexplicable complexity. “Over the last eight years I have tried to understand some of these basic ‘pattern rules’ and represent them in two dimensions in oil paint. Although the paintings at first appear pure representation they are on closer inspection stylized graphic illustrations of some of nature’s patterns”.

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