Melissa Sturgeon

I am endlessly drawn to the faded facades of an era where traditions in art, architecture and daily life seamlessly combine. They remain the setting for such everyday human interaction, our meetings and partings. I paint to remember a fragment of my journey, wherein lies the source of my understanding, my thoughts and dreams. It is never in the destination, as it does not end here. Occasionally a figurative element appears in my work, and we bear witness to an untold story of love and loss. Tables left empty, hidden behind doorways and cast in shadow, I believe they wait for their story to continue. Their secret pleasures and quiet drama's unravel before us in a thread of memory and of our imagination. My work will always be considered as the diaries I have never written. With each painting I learn a little more about myself and in turn I find my paintings are continuously evolving and influencing the next.

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