Richard Forster

Like many creative people Richard has always found it difficult to conform, and from an early age, drawing and painting became a tonic to the regimentation of daily life. As art was his personal sanctuary, Richard was not comfortable with the idea of academic training, and on leaving school continued on his own artistic path. Unaffected by the fashions and fads of contemporary thinking, Richard has been free to develop his own unique style. A strong emphasis on composition and colour are important factors in his work; Richard strives to create beautiful objects. With a love of detail, he also focuses on the mundane objects we pass every day, but rarely notice. Alongside this, there is often a narrative, a story being told or a social comment, much of his work is auto-biographical. He also likes to use symbolism, and his wobbly lines and twisted perspective represent his discomfort with conformity. Don’t be fooled by Richard’s use of humour and light hearted approach, apart from reflecting his general philosophy, this is also a considered and serious statement, challenging the all too common pomposity and pretentiousness of the art world. Above all Richard’s work is constantly changing and evolving, it is hard to pin down. No one subject matter or theme is constant.

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