• We are Ready to Paint and Draw!

    File 21-07-2016, 11 01 04We Are Ready to Paint and Draw!

    This last week we received a HUGE amount of brand new books! Boxes upon boxes of instructional tomes covering such a wide range of fun topics. A huge variety of mediums are covered and we can’t wait to start applying some of what we’re learning in our free workshops and in our own creative projects. I love the new HOW TO DRAW and THE ART OF DRAWING series of books, they teach human form and structure, hands, feet and perspective in very clear understandable terms.

    Our Sunday workshop tutor Yasmin is a fan of Christopher Hart’s new range of Manga and Anime books, particularly MANGA DRAWING CLASS which is an excellent starting point for any aspiring Manga artist. We both love how beginner friendly it is, providing a real step by step guide and lots of sketching space to practice with.

    Taiana and I have been really happy with the response to the new range of READY TO PAINT books from Search Press. They’re perfect for beginners, and particularly for anyone for anyone wanting to start using Watercolours for the very first time. They’re great value, give very clear practical step by step advice and come with 8 free reusable tracings, so you don’t have to rely on your drawing skills to produce a beautiful watercolour painting.

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    The titles available are very varied and include books such as COUNTRY LANDSCAPES, WILD ANIMALS, BOATS AND HARBOURS, LONDON, PARIS, CATS AND KITTENS, DOG AND PUPPIES and many more.

    Look forward to seeing you all soon!


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