Brett Humphries

The “great outdoors” has always fascinated me, I was fortunate to grow up in the beautiful countryside of Devon and Cornwall and also went on family holidays to some of the most scenic coastal and mountainous regions of the UK. I aim to create paintings that enable the viewer to respond to my painted landscapes in much the same way that I did when I visited the actual locations. I am inspired by beautiful places that have their own magical aura. Subjects that I paint include beaches, cliff top viewpoints, quaint fishing villages and the high moors. All of these locations have their own unique charm and character and that is what I am looking to capture in my paintings. Accuracy is an intrinsic part of my artwork as it plays a key role in enabling the viewer to feel that they are present at the scene. I paint my landscapes in both Oils and Acrylics and enjoy using the different techniques that are available to me with each medium.

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