Scott Morrish

"Born in Bristol, South West England in 1971, Scott Morrish grew up in a small village on the edge of Dartmoor. His fascination for the flora of the rural landscape grew from a childhood spent surrounded by the bleak wilderness of the moors of his childhood and he was further inspired by holidays spent in many parts of the more beautiful and wilder areas of the British countryside.Scott Morrish studied photography at the Plymouth College of Art since when he has travelled widely, including trips to South Africa and India which awoke his interest in issues surrounding worldwide poverty and social injustice.He uses large format cameras and enjoys photography as a means of self-expression. His uses of technique, including litho printing and toning, vary according to the needs of each image. He says of his work: “The reason I feel compelled to make images is a recognition of beauty, sometimes in obvious things, often on a small scale and frequently abstract.”Scott Morrish works and exhibits in the South West of England."

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